How To Apply Your Vampy Lipstick Like A Pro

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I LOVE vampy lipstick. Right now my go-to colors are Sin, Diva, Rebel and Cyber by MAC. I know, I know. I need to get lipsticks by more brands but MAC’s dark colors just compliment my lips so well!

Since I’ve been wearing dark colors non stop I thought I’d give you a few tips I use to keep my lipstick on fleek all day.

Have A Strong Contour

There has been some debate in the beauty community about contouring as of late. Some people feel it shouldn’t be done every day. I say go for it because it makes your cheek bones l0ok higher. Especially when you’re rocking a dark lip. I recommend using a small, hard brush at an angle in the hollows of your cheeks. Create a sharp line and blend it out.


Neutral Or Dark Eyes

I for one stick with either thick eyeliner¬†and tons of mascara when rocking vampy looks or very neutral shades and tons of mascara. Don’t get too crazy because your lips should be the focus point. You don’t want to have too much going on with the rest of your face.


Strong Brows

Thankfully I was blessed with huge caterpillar eyebrows that I can shape any way I want too. If yours aren’t thick don’t worry. Just makes sure you’ve brushed them and filled them in. Your brows should definitely make a positive statement.


Apply Your Color Correctly

Always start with lip balm, especially if your lip color is matter. Next you should use a lip liner that is very similar or the same color as your lipstick. Start on the outside and work your way in. Once your lips are lined put on your lipstick.


Powder Your Lips

3 Words. Loose Translucent Powder. I know it’s weird but put some of that on your lips after you’ve applied your lipstick and you’ll be golden.

I hope you’re inspired to try a few deep shades this fall!

What are your favorite fall lipsticks?

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