Watch Ya Gonna Get Me For Christmas?

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If you’re like me you probably haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. Now that it’s crunch time I have to really get serious about what I’m getting my friends and family.

Some are easy to shop for because they gave me a list. I’m getting one of my friends a few makeup items and another one just asked for gift cards but my best friend is another subject.

I wanted to get her something glamorous so jewelry was an obvious option. I’m not going to say what I got her in case she’s reading but I’m just going to say a nice watch is never a bad present to get someone you love and appreciate. ;)

Below are a few watches I’d buy a friend (or myself) if I were buying people watches for Christmas.


Every woman should have a nice silver watch. I love watches like these because they pair perfectly with professional looks. If you wear a watch like this to an interview or a conference you’ll probably impress whoever is there. Get it for $157 + free shipping: Here

Can you go wrong with a fossil watch? Me thinks not. I love this watch because it’s very rare that I actually come across women wearing it. It’s also a great conversation started and very expensive looking. Your friend (or you) will look so good in this! Buy it for $114 here.


Only two things need to be stated about this watch… simplicity and class. The best part is that it’s only $55! I actually had to stop while writing this post and buy it. Yes, it’s that serious. Buy it here


This was the first MK watch I ever received. I got it as a birthday gift from my husband so I might be a little biased. Make someone’s Christmas this year or just make your own. Buy it for $152 here.

I would love it if you have me some gift ideas in the comments. I have a lot of shopping to do. 

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