How To Rock Runway Makeup IRL

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Bleached eyebrows, ombré lips, feather false eyelashes… Fashion shows come every year with all sorts of beauty trends and excessive makeup we can’t wear in our everyday life. But what we can do is take inspiration from the catwalk simplify it so that it’s more wearable and sophisticated.

Here are three beauty trends from the runway that can make you look like a catwalk queen:

Thick eyebrows


We’ve seen them all over the runway this year and last year and the year before that. Thick eyebrows are here to stay! If you have naturally thick ones like me, all you have to do is carefully pluck the hairs around the natural shape of the brow. I get mine waxed by a professional once a month because I’ve been known to over pluck. Make sure you choose who you go to wisely because I have a few horror stories. Although I have thick eyebrows still fill them in slightly with a pencil.

If your eyebrows are thin because you pluck them too much, you have to stop plucking and let them grow back. There’s a chance their natural shape could be recreated with the help of a miracle worker. If your brows are naturally thin, you can gently thicken them using the same an eyebrow pencil to fill in and contour, brow powder to add a natural look and a brow gel to provide a soft finish.

TIP: Thick eyebrows look at their best if the rest of the makeup is minimal – nude lips, natural eye shadow and nude cheekbones. If you keep everything else about your look very neutral you can probably get away with a…

Statement lip


Up until now, red lips were considered to be “statement”, but this season wine lips are coming for the throne. Lipsticks, glosses and lip stains are popular in all shades from grape and red wine to plums and blackberries. The winter season is absolutely perfect for this.

Bold strong lipstick is easy to wear. All you need is a little confidence and a lip liner to define and shape your lips. Don’t forget to dab off the extra lipstick with a napkin, because matte lips are hot right now.

TIP: Bold lips go best with natural eye makeup – nude eye shadow and a subtle layer of mascara.

Autumnal smokey eyes


This season’s eye makeup is all about shades of brown and grey, but black remains a classy option. Use a black cream eyeliner to line your upper lash and give your autumnal smokey eyes an even more mysterious look. If you want a really sensual touch, combine the smokey eyes with the cat eye makeup and apply your darkest shadow to the outer corner of the eye, in a large winged shape.

TIP: Match your smokey eyes with nude lips and a high ponytail or bun – it will draw attention to the eyes and the cheekbones, giving your face an instant lift.

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