How The Colors We Wear Affect Our Mood

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Colors matter, a lot. I recently realized that I gravitate towards certain colors when I’m getting dressed in the morning and I made a mental note to figure out why. I’ve noticed that I reach for dark colors all year round but even more so in the winter. I love bright colors when I’m happy with my life and I’m always wearing purple whether it’s in my hair, lips or clothes. I decided to do a little research on how colors affect us as humans and here is what I found.

Blue is a soothing and calming color that is safe and emits trustworthiness which is probably why so many brands use it on their sites and in their logos. When you wear darker hues like navy it portrays authority and knowledge. It’s probably why the Navy chose that color. You can also see the soothing and calming affects just by looking up at the sky or at the ocean. It’s amazing.

Green is another soothing color that symbolizes nature and the environment which I think is pretty obvious considering how much green shows up in nature. When you wear greens in lighter shades or with tones of yellow it creates a stimulating and happy affect. Hunter green shows sophistication and seriousness.

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s the color of stimulation, motivation and caution. Red is great because it can show a variety of moods from romantic to bold or even sophistication depending on how deep the shade you use is.

Yellow is without doubt, one of the happiest colors. It shows that you are outgoing, happy and active. I try to wear yellow when I want to brighten up my mood.

Orange is yellow’s cousin. It’s also a very happy and stimulating color. Orange screams look at me! I don’t like this color very much but I have to admit it does make a statement. Whatever you do don’t pair it with black unless you want to scream Halloween.

Purple is one of my favorite colors as I mentioned earlier. It’s a mixture of red and blue and it takes characteristics from both colors. It’s both a bold and calming color. If you have a darker skin tone like me this color will compliment you well.

Brown is a safe color, deriving from mother earth and nature. Since it’s a neutral color it’s easy to combine with almost every other color. I love browns during fall and winter.

Black is my most commonly worn and the most respected color. It is used year round and combined with every other color in the rainbow. It’s popular because of it’s supposedly slimming affect as well as being serious and sophisticated. I bet you have a “little black dress.”

White is a symbol of purity and innocence, and makes us feel accepted and respected. It evokes feelings ranging from joyful, optimistic and serene. Like black it can be combined with all other colors.

Silver and Gold are both great accent colors. While we normally wear these colors in our accessories they make a very bold statement in clothing. If you’re bold enough to wear these then you are not conservative and probably love attention.

What is you favorite color to wear and why?

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