5 Pieces Of Outerwear Every Woman Should Have

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Fashion is a daily expression of art on the female body that shouldn’t stop when the weather requires a little bit of outerwear. Here are five items that every woman should have to keep warm and stay stylish all at the same time!

A Denim Jacket

It’s the perfect layering item to throw on when the weather isn’t completely cooperating with the tank top you’re wearing and it’s a great improvement to an outfit when you’re on the fly. It goes with dresses, skirts, shorts, pant, whatever you can imagine!

Leather Jacket

Like the denim jacket, a leather jacket is the best friend to a woman who needs something quick to give her outfit that extra boost. Whether you wear it with a pair of jeans and combat boots or a short dress it will compliment your outfit well. Different styles and colors will allow you to bring out you personality with this fashionable classic.

Tailored Blazer

Every closet should have a tailored jacket that can be worn with jeans or over a cocktail dress. To keep it feminine, be sure the silhouette is fitted or to make it casual go with something a little more loose. A blazer can really dress up an outfit or add that hint of masculinity that has made its way into women’s fashion.

Cold-Weather Coat

You don’t have to live in a cold climate, you will need this jacket when you visit one. It’s better to be prepared for this cold than assaulted by it and you can still look great doing it.

A classic trench

There is no item more essential in any woman’s closet during the spring then a functional, well-tailored trench coat. A good trench coat will last you a long time and will make nearly every outfit look put-together and classic. Throw on some sassy rain boots with a classic umbrella, and you’ve got yourself a fashionable look that even the rain can’t harm.