Important Tips For Your Manicure

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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an obsession with painting my nails. I don’t feel completely put together until my fingernails are painted a pretty color (my go to being any shade from Essie). Believe it or not, nails are a key component in an everyday look. An outfit doesn’t stop with the clothes and accessories. Your hands are equally important to your ensemble and the perfect nail polish can help pull it all together. Here are some tips keep your hands fresh and trendy.

Always use a base coat

This is a step that I’m guilty of not always remembering; probably because it takes extra time. The extra minute it takes to slide a thin layer on your nail makes all the difference in the world. A base coat prevents your nails from staining and allows for a clean pallet for the polish to adhere to. This extra step will help your manicure last longer.

Tiny paintbrush to the rescue

It’s hard to paint your own nails. Even after years of being my own manicurist, I can’t help but hit parts of my skin as I stroke the color on. While I tend to wash mine off in the shower, another quick fix tool I use when I’m in a hurry is a handy dandy paintbrush. These can be bought at any store and it’s just an ordinary thin paintbrush. Dip it into nail polish remover and erase the little mistakes along the way.

Say no to quick dry

Quick dry nail polishes have been tested and proven to dry nails out. Stay away from these dehydrating brands.

Cuticle oil is key

Not all of us can afford a weekly trip to a nail salon, but you don’t have to go to a salon to get beautifully healthy looking nails. Swipe some cuticle oil on and your nails for instant hydration with the oily blend. Another great aspect to the oil is it adds a slip to your nails, making them harder to chip.

No need to match

There is such a thing as too matchy matchy. Your makeup isn’t meant to match your outfit and neither are your nails. This is your chance for you to be funky and unique so don’t be afraid to add a bright blue with your orange shirt. It will add some more spunk to your outfit.

Top it off

Last but not least, add a nice shiny or matte finish to the top of your freshly painted tips. This will help protect your nails and give them that extra shine or texture you’re looking for. It also helps to reapply every day or two to help your manicure last longer. Add a little hand moisturizer after and you have yourself a professional looking manicure.

Pretty fingers make for happy girls and like Audrey Hepburn said, “happy girls are the prettiest.”