3 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Friends And Family

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All my life I have loved traveling and doing random activities. As I got older, I got a chance to live my childhood dream and travel often! Unfortunately, being a busy and successful woman who travels a lot has its downsides and I can’t spend as much quality time with my friends and family as I would like to. I have a few tips and tricks up in my sleeve for making the best out of each trip back home.

Make Dinner For Your Family & Friends

This is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your friends and family members. When you get home from a trip and sleep over, cook them a nice meal to celebrate your return home. It doesn’t have to be a complicated seven course gastronomique meal; a simple healthy quesadillas or a layered ratatouille will be just as great. Whenever I travel abroad I make the effort to learn to cook something from that country and when I come home, I make it for my family so they can feel like I have felt when I tried it for the first time. And even if you’re not a traveler who has a chance to learn all those recipes first hand, thanks to the Internet, you can make new exotic dishes as well.

Play games

No matter if you are having a quiet night in with your family, or you are meeting at a friend’s place for a all-night party, playing a few games with them can only make things better. I like board games, twister, movie trivia quizzes and karaoke the best since they are so much fun and we all know each other for so long that we can act and speak freely before each other. I also like to take my little cousins with me for the afternoon and do something unusual and childish like building a pillow fort or making shadow puppets. If one of them has had a birthday which I missed (sadly, this also happens), I make sure to take them to kids birthday party venues and let them play in the foam pit a bit longer. This makes me feel young again and I find immense joy in playing games with kids again.

Visit a museum or a theatre

You probably have a museum in your town or a city but how often do you go there? It is easy to overlook it and forget about it since it is not as exotic and interesting as a museum in a foreign town, right? Wrong! I made the same mistake before and it wasn’t until I got home after a few months trip that I had this ‘crazy’ idea to visit our local museum. I went with my friends (who also hadn’t gone there before) and we were fascinated how interesting our local history actually is (and ashamed we didn’t do this sooner.)

These ideas might not seem like much, but it turns out that it does mean a lot to both me and those who are close and dear to me. All my friends and family members say that our time together was the most fun they had in a long time. This makes me incredibly happy and also inspires me to find new ways to reconnect with them and engage in fun and quality activities which make our bonds stronger. It gives me strength to keep going whenever I feel down and low.

What do you do to stay connected to family and friends?

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