New Year, New You, New Closet!

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Okay, we are nearly three months into the new year but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some changes in the New Year, especially to our wardrobe. Ugh how tired are we of our closets? Our wardrobe lies there hopelessly with clothes that we have no idea why they exist and others that we’ve had since the dark ages. I mean, we all have those clothes that we’ve had in our closets that have just sat there for years on end (some of which still have the tag on it.)Then there are our clothes that are sooo old that they probably were reported out of style with words like “jive turkey” and “no diggity, no doubt”. Oh how we hate our once prized wardrobe. Just the looks of it, is a bad start to the day.

When the New Year first kicked in, we all had some type of New Year’s Resolution of how you’re going to become the “New You” that you’ve probably given up on by now, but that’s okay! We’ve got you covered with some great ways to make a few wardrobe changes, to help you reach some of those New Year goals. While we know change does start within, sometimes outward changes that we can visibly see, inspire us, which spark the changes that start within. Whether you’re looking for a more exciting love life, or just trying to get ahead in the work force or trying to lose weight or even just trying to be an all-around healthier better you, this is for you. We want to help revamp your wardrobe AND here’s the secret…you don’t need to throw everything out and head to your nearest mall or shopping center to do it. We’ve put together a few tips and suggestions that we think would be great for the rebirth of your closet:


  • Accessorize! Grab that shirt you hate because it drapes over your body like you’re on an ad for Jenny Craig. Put it with a chic yet comfortable belt paired with your favorite perfectly-fitted jeans. You can even put that to long flowing dress to work in your closet, just add a belt, or a cute side knot with your favorite classic pumps for work or a business lunch. Then switch it up with some knee-high boots for date night or girl’s night out. This is also, great for when you’ve lost a little weight, but not too much where you need new clothes! (Use the tuck-n-tighten method in order to add a more curvy look to your body and add length to your legs)


  • Hem, Hem, Hem! Hemming can be an easy fix to a good pair of pants, jeans or even skirts. For pants that are too short, turn them into a crop pant. Crop pants send a message of sophistication, confidence and fun which can go a long way when dating, losing weight, or even just a quick fix to make you feel good about what you’re wearing. For pants that are too long please DO NOT CUFF, cuffs are for running errands and guys (EXCEPTION: Only cuff if your pants are 1”-1 1/2” too long—anything shorter or longer should be hemmed). Hemming a pant that is too long has great advantages too, sending messages of sex-appeal. They easy become your favorite jean as it shows-off your curves in a lady-like manner. These are great for a first impression, so be sure to wear them out with the girls to have a few drinks…you never know who you may meet.


  • Bleach, Dye & Distort (BDD)! For my edgier fashionista’s I’m sure this is already on your list of favorites in revamping your closet. But for those fashionista’s who are new to it and are a little if-y I’m here to tell you DON’T BE! There are many DIY’s that show you step-by-step of how to do it without destroying your garments. For instance those black jeans that have seemed to fade into a charcoal gray, adding a few distorted rips give it an edger look. Paired with a great pair of pumps or even flats, make you look and feel stylish yet sexy. The girls will be impressed with them and want to know exactly where you got them. You can bleach dye and distort or just do one or two of the three, either way it’s a quick easy way to turn your clothes from drab to fab. While it may seem risky you won’t regret it—think about it—the reason your even thinking about BDD is most likely because you don’t like the way it is anyway so go for it!


  • Chain Effect! This has been one of the biggest trends of 2014 and has gracefully carried over into 2015. It all started cute little chains on your knitted sweater but it didn’t stop there. Now they have the body chains that you can add to any and everything, it’s as easy as clipping it together over an old boring dress you’ve had for years. It’s the smallest detail that gives your wardrobe a creative look. You can also buy small chains from your local craft store and glue them on adding an edge. If you’re more of a subtle fashionista, quaintly add a few chains to the bottom of the sleeves on a drabby button-up, but if you’re bold create a cute design on one your plan fitted tees around the collar. It’s quick, fun and easy but most of all its very edgy-chic.


  • Cut It Up! Get rid of all those rules your mother gave you about cutting up your clothes, and cut yourself into a new wardrobe. You know that huge plain white tee you stole from your boyfriend, and only wear to bed or on early morning errands? Cut it into a fashion favorite. You can cut cute patterns or fringe it, making it high-hitter with your favorite acid wash or blue jean. It’s simple and also allows you to be creative. Also, try cutting patch holes into a drabby button-up, not only is it trending this season but it’s also a cute fix, turning your boring preppy shirts into sexy-chic top pieces.

Have you started changing up your wardrobe in the new year?

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