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Seeing the way that breasts are portrayed in the media, it can be common to believe that breasts are only meant to look a certain way. It’s easy to slip into insecurity if your own set doesn’t quite match to society’s standards. But realistically, breasts come in all shapes and sizes. No two pair of breasts are alike. In fact, it’s rare to even find a woman that has two identical breasts.

I recently read an article that showcased a couple dozen women and their chests to display the true variety of sizes and shapes. It brought to my attention that breasts can cause a lot of insecurity in women due to the fact that our society sees them as a mark of female beauty.

This mark of beauty has been over-sexualized to the point that a breastfeeding mother is now seen as offensive. Breasts are simply a part of the female anatomy, and an essential one at that. It’s important for us to become comfortable with our breasts exactly as they are. It can be easy to compare yours to some other woman’s breasts, thinking they might not be as perky or voluptuous. You might even think that they’re too big. However, at the end of the day, loving your breasts as they are – flaws included – is a step closer to self confidence and body peace. Just because they don’t look like someone else’s doesn’t mean that they don’t look great.

Accepting your breasts as they are will likely help you accept other parts of your body. Making peace with your body builds self-esteem and, let’s face it, middle schoolers aren’t the only ones that need help with this. Don’t be afraid to wear what you want with confidence, regardless of your breast size and shape. Breasts do not make the woman.

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