Celebrate International Women’s Day!

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Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!

On March 8th the world will celebrate International Women’s Day 2015. March 2011 marked the 100th anniversary of the international holiday and President Obama declared the month of March Women’s History Month. Obama called on everyone to remember all of the extraordinary accomplishments of women throughout history.

Last year on International Women’s Day, singer Beyonce Knowles put together an inspiring video for her Youtube channel featuring women speaking on the topics of gender equality, women’s rights and feminism. Beyonce’s video featured words from famous women’s rights advocates Gloria Steinem and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In the video Beyonce shared Adichie’s definition of feminist as “a person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes.”

Every year the United Nations General Assembly selects a theme for International Women’s Day. In past years they have focused on ending poverty, violence against women, rural women’s issues, and gender inequality. This year the focus is on empowerment and dozens of countries around the world are responding by planning inspiring conferences and events.

United States

Austin – The second annual resource fair and community conference will be hosted in Austin for women and girls. Discussions and workshops will be hosted on race, sexuality, gender and much more.

New York – The annual forum focused on globally empowering women will bring leaders together in order to bridge gaps keeping women from independence and financial literacy. Speakers from U.N. Women and the Afghan Institute from Learning will present in addition to other notable women from around the world.


Sydney – A one night rock and roll festival will feature Australian female bands and promote female empowerment.


British Columbia – Activists and entrepreneurs will speak in an inaugural event in Canada about how they are changing the world. They will celebrate International Women’s Day through inspirational speaking and all of the proceeds from the event will go towards the She Talks Scholarship that will be awarded to an emerging female leader.


Accra – In support of gender equality, the city of Accra will host a 12k walk near the University of Ghana. A speech on women’s empowerment and gender equality will be given by Minister Nana Oye Lithur.


Luxembourg – A workshop will be presented for women in coding that will allow women to learn in English. Presented by Microsoft Luxembourg, women and girls in technology will be celebrated. Keep an eye out for the hashtag #makeithappen

New Zealand

Auckland – Female scientists will present at this event at the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium in New Zealand for International Women’s Day. The women will describe their careers and accomplishments while encouraging women in the STEM fields to pursue their passions.

United Kingdom

London – An eight day celebration of women will include networking, theater, comedy, and debates. The focus of the event will be on male violence against women and will feature presentations and speeches from passionate women from around the globe.

Liverpool – An annual conference will be held to celebrate National Women’s Day. The theme encompasses women’s involvement in anti-war efforts, pacifism, and violence as affected by gender.

Regardless of where you spend International Women’s Day 2015, there will be opportunities to reach out to the women around you and celebrate our amazing accomplishments. Keep an eye out for the grand #inspirewomen and have a happy Women’s Day!

How will you celebrate International Women’s Day 2015? Let us know in the comments!


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