What’s In Season: Spring Edition

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Every year spring brings back sunshine, beautiful weather, and of course Spring Break. The spring season also marks the beginning of the growing season for fruits and veggies. March and April mark the return of fresh, delicious produce after a long, cold winter. There is no better time of year to add some color to your plate – whether you want to lose weight or simply boost your overall health, check out what’s in season!

Fruits In Season


These golden-orange fruits are an amazing source of fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A thanks to their high beta-carotene content. Keep an eye out for fresh apricots near the end of April, or dried apricots any time of year.


Honeydew is rich in Vitamin C and is one of the first melons to come into season each year. Its natural sweetness makes it an excellent addition to any fruit salad.


These citrus fruits are great for spicing up any meal. Squeeze lime juice over fish, into salsa, or squeeze some into water for an added Vitamin C boost.


Springtime is when you will see prices dropping for delicious tropical fruits as they move into their peak season. Try frozen mangoes in smoothies, diced mangoes in salsa, or add some puree to pancakes. Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and make a delicious addition to virtually any meal.

Other fruits in season include oranges, pineapple, strawberries and Barbados cherries.

Veggies In Season


A great source of Vitamin C and fiber, artichokes can make a delicious addition to any springtime meals. Artichoke hearts make a great addition to anything from pizza to salad.


Rich in antioxidants, fiber and minerals, broccoli makes for the ultimate addition to any meal. Try topping salad or pasta for a healthy and colorful meal. If you’re looking for a quick midday snack, try broccoli with hummus.


Spinach is the ultimate vegetable – low in calories while high in folate, magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Spinach is also an excellent source of iron. According to the CDC approximately 10% of young women in the US are iron deficient, and one serving of spinach provides 20% of the iron needed daily. Be sure to add some to your plate this spring!


Onions often go unappreciated for their health benefits, but they are actually a great source of minerals and Vitamin C! Enjoy them pureed in recipes or chopped on top of salads and sandwiches.

Other veggies in season include green beans, peas, collard greens, snow peas, radicchio, morel mushrooms, red leaf lettuce, swiss chard and spring baby lettuce.

What produce do you love to eat during the spring? Let us know in the comments!

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