Dumb Girl Majors

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I’m a Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations major.

Because of this decision I made, my fellow students feel comfortable making all sorts of assumptions about me.

Clearly, I picked the major that I could coast by these four years with as much ease as possible.

I never have to study because my classes are easy.

I’m only at college to party.

Obviously, I’m more interested in pursuing a rich husband than a career.

I’m a dumb girl with an easy major.

Absolutely none of this is true and the stereotype infuriates me, as a young woman who prioritizes her education above all else. I wrote an average of 2.6 papers a week last semester. I’ve pulled plenty of all-nighters to study. I have to balance a million different things that are going on.

Just like every other college student.

It’s this weird divide in college. Certain majors- English, Communication, Psychology, Art, to name a few- have been shamed as “dumb girl majors.” Other students seem to size you up by the field of study you chose, as though that somehow dictates how intelligent you are or how hard you work at in school.

It’s frustrating. How can anyone tell me what I prioritize, what I care about, how hard I study, what I’m pursuing my education for just by the field of study I chose?

It’s strange that such a stigma could even exist at a higher institution. We all got into the same school. We all clearly value our academics. We all have made sacrifices to come to college and stay in college. No one at college is truly a dumb girl.

Just because some coursework utilizes different skill sets does not make it inferior to anyone else’s.

Can a Biochemistry major make presentations with as much charisma as a Business major can?

Can a Communication major solve formulas the way a Math major can?

Can a Engineering major write the papers that a English major can write?

Can a Art major write up a lab report the way a Biology major can?

Skills are all relative. Intelligence is all relative. Success in school is all relative. Different majors have different methods of assessment. You can’t decide how smart a person is by what they choose to major in. It’s simply a choice. That’s all it is. All of us choose what we would like to focus on while we’re in college based on our skill sets and our aspirations. Unless you’ve got through the program for four years yourself, you have no right to decide how difficult or easy someone else’s academics are, or how smart or dumb a fellow student is.

I may be in a stigmatized “Dumb Girl Major” but I’m not a Dumb Girl.

None of us are.