The Impact Of Social Media

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For several years, social media has been a very big part of society. It is a way to communicate and stay connected throughout the world. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give people access to the latest music, trends, and celebrities. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram lets you take pictures and video without using bulky camera equipment.

I find it so interesting that everything we need to know is accessible by the click of a button. You can post your thoughts, talk to long distant friends and family, and share anything you want. Although social media is great for all of these things, there are also disadvantages. Lack of privacy and protection are some of risks that are associated with social media. We share so much of our lives with people through the internet that sometimes, it can have consequences.

Being able to know where people are and what they are doing 24/7 is a scary thought. It’s very important to take precautions and sets limitations on your social media accounts. Freedom of speech also factors into social media. There are no filters or sensors on what you can say or do on these platforms. Having a voice and opinions are fine but cyber bulling is not. I have seen so many harsh comments on various Instagram and YouTube accounts that depict the negative side of social media.

Nonetheless, the impact of social media whether good or bad is far greater than I ever imagined it would be. Nothing lasts forever and as we evolve as a society, new and improved ways of communication will continue to thrive.

How has social media impacted you?