Women’s History Month 2015

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This March marks the 28th annual Women’s History Month. This year the nation is celebrating the history of women with a special focus on the theme Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the many amazing women that made this world what it is today. There are so many amazing and inspiring women in this world, and listed below are some trailblazing women who deserve to be remembered for their contributions to society. All of these memorable women were politically active and advocated for the rights of women in their communities and  all around the world.

Hilda Solis

Hilda Solis is a politician from California and is the first Hispanic woman to ever serve in the U.S. Cabinet. She was appointed US Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama in 2009. She also served as a member of the US House of Representatives and the California State Senate. Solis used her political power to champion for fair labor laws, improved health care practices, better education and helped pass laws to better protect victims of domestic violence. Solis’s parents were Hispanic immigrants who worked hard to provide for their large family, but both of them faced harsh working conditions in low-paying jobs. Solis was the first of her family to attend college and the injustice her parents faced inspired her subsequent political fight against companies with unfair working conditions. Solis is still politically active in the City of Los Angeles where she sits on the Board of Supervisors. She has always been a champion for the rights of immigrant workers, women, and children.

Carol Moseley Braun

Carol Moseley Braun became the first African American woman to serve in the U.S. Senate. Elected in 1992, Braun pursued ground breaking legislative initiatives like the Education Infrastructure Act, preservation of historic Civil War “Underground Railroad” sites, and the Women’s Pension Equity Act that fought for equal pay for women. Braun’s political activism started at a young age when she became actively involved in the Civil Rights movement in Chicago. In her late teens she participated in several sit ins and finally the March on Gage Park with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the late 1950’s. Braun later attended law school and decided to run for a position in the Illinois House of Representatives. Braun shared that her determination to win the position stemmed from a meeting where several community members rudely commented that she had no chance of winning as an African ­American woman. She went on to win the election and develop a distinguished collection of awards; “Best Legislator” Award in Illinois six years in a row, an Illinois Women’s Political Caucus Award, an Illinois Council of Sheriffs Award, and more similar awards from both the Chicago Board of Education and the Chicago Firefighters Union. She served in a collection of political positions where she used her influence to advocate for better education, gender equality, women’s reproductive rights, gay marriage, and other civil rights issues.

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is a journalist and political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader of the feminist movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. Steinem is the founder of Ms. magazine and co-founder of the Women’s Media Center. Steinem first entered the national spotlight in the early 60’s after writing an exposé of the exploitative working conditions women faced in the New York Playboy Club. She shined a spotlight on the law bending and the struggles these women faced. She went on to write a collection of articles for New York Magazine that highlighted women’s issues like reproductive rights and gender inequality in the work place. She was actively involved in political campaigns and protests, and eventually became recognized as a spokeswoman for the feminist movement. Steinem has published a collection of books and is socially active today as a lecturer on women’s issues and gender equality.

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