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Why I Created Beauty Coated Life + What It Means

597I’m Candice VanWye Creator In Chief and Editor here at beautycoatedlife.com. This started as a personal blog but I soon realized that living a beautiful life was so much more than me. Living a beautiful life is about the people you surround yourself with, the things you fill your days doing and the way you give back to the world.

Those things will determine your life’s beauty.

I created this site as a space on the web where young women can write about things that matter as well as things that don’t. A space where we can be both trendy and quirky, love beauty and our careers and a place where we can talk about living life not just existing through it.

On A More Personal Note

I’m a 23 year old fully self sufficient entrepreneur. I own a copywriting firm The Wordrobe Stylists, Beauty Coated Life, Brown Girl Bloggers and my personal blog. I support myself fully and am completely location dependent. I currently live in San Diego, CA but am from a very VERY small town in South Carolina. If I can make it in this world anyone can.

I’m very passionate about helping young women enter the world of entrepreneurship and educating them on what to expect. I also want to help young women who want awesome careers for already established companies since I was once there too. If you have any specific career related question feel free to ask!

I’m married to my best friend and I’m building a beautiful life. If you’re reading this I hope you’re building a beautiful life too!

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Thank you so much for your support.

-Live beautifully

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